ThreeStrand Discipleship Week

Beginning Monday night, June 8th, through Thursday evening, June 11th, 2020, twenty minutes from Interstate-75, in the foothills of southeastern Kentucky, at the historic campus of the Annville Institute, you will find the ThreeStrand Discipleship Week. An annual discipleship-oriented meeting targeting teenagers, college age, young adults, and the young at heart. Our purpose is to energize our people, train up the next generation (regardless of age), address the challenges, heal the broken hearts, break down the Adversary’s strongholds, reach the doubter and the unbeliever, reveal the power of the Gospel – plant, water, and grow, and have a blast doing it; all the while filling our hearts with the praise of God through Jesus Christ.


“I am eager to preach the gospel to you.”

This meeting features the finest preaching this generation has to offer. Discipleship will always be the focus of our messages. No puff-pieces, no fluff… the kind of stuff that makes you want to go out and change the world for Christ. Come and let the Word of God live in you at Discipleship Week.


“Praise in the gates of the camp of the Lord.”

The praise of God is an essential part of what ThreeStrand is all about. We will kick things off Monday night with a lights out concert, raising the name of Jesus to the top of our lungs. ThreeStrand Discipleship Week will feature the finest singers, songwriters, and musicians available; in unison, daily, the sound of the instruments and the singers go out, making themselves heard with one voice to praise and glorify the Lord.


“He awakens My ear to listen as a disciple.”

A special feature of the meeting is workshops. This is small group discipleship. Put down the phone and learn how to share, face to face, with another human being. We will sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron. Put your skills to the test and develop those you didn’t know you had. This is the ThreeStrand classroom.


“Surely the Lord is in this place."

God has blessed us with magnificent grounds to host the Discipleship Week. The campus offers several cabins with lodging for 75+, primitive campsites, a gymnasium and pool, dining hall, baseball field, a campfire area, and a lake.  Food will be available on the grounds as well as many restaurants within minutes of the camp.

Things to bring to the camp: Bible and notebook, bed clothes – if staying in the lodgings (first come, first serve), shower items, towels, personal hygiene products, fishing supplies, swim clothes (everyone wears tees in the pool; modest is hottest), sunscreen, drinks and snacks, money, open hearts, and good attitudes.

Annville Institute Historic Campus

190 Campus Drive
Annville, KY 40402